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Pure Alloy

When you’re a company as radical as Meinl Cymbals, a push toward the traditional can be a refreshing twist. So it is with the Pure Alloy series. These cymbals look to the past with a fully lathed playing surface and traditional craftsmanship, for a look and response that’s closer to yesterday’s cymbals. Fully lathed surfaces are a big departure from the raw, earthy cymbals Meinl is best known for today.

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14" Pure Alloy Hihat
Meinl Cymbals
The Meinl Pure Alloy hi-hats cover all dynamics from a quick, responding staccato to slight sizzle t..
20" Pure Alloy Ride
Meinl Cymbals
The Meinl Pure Alloy rides push your sound with an upfront mix cushioned by fundamental lows along w..
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