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Chieftain Thunderbird B Flat Whistle

Chieftain Thunderbird B Flat Whistle

Brand: Chieftain Whistles
Product Code: KERCBFS
Availability: In Stock

Chieftain Thunderbird Bf Mezzo Soprano Whistle

A nice whistle to play for yourself and accompany the low Eb whistles in more jazz orientated keys. Alloy whistles with an integral metal mouthpiece and metal block tend to be hard blowing powerful and loud instruments. They are capable of a wide range of tone and sound.

Product Features

  • Superb clear sound
  • The most popular alloy whistle available
  • UK designed and made
  • Rich full tone and volume
  • Evocative tone
  • Great playability
  • Low air requirement
  • Ideal for cool jazz
  • Packed in a flexible clear plastic sleeve case

Product Specifications

  • Alloy Whistle
  • Mezzo Soprano
  • Key of B Flat
  • Model Number: STD
  • Made in: United Kingdom
  • Manufacturer: Kerry Whistles

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