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Benny Greb Cymbal Set - Vintage Sand Set

Benny Greb Cymbal Set - Vintage Sand Set

Brand: Meinl Cymbals
Product Code: BV-141820SA
Availability: In Stock

Designed in cooperation with Benny Greb!

The matched Byzance Vintage Sand Cymbal Set includes a 14" Sand Hat, 18" Sand Thin Crash and a 20" Sand Ride. This set is the perfect introduction to the world of Byzance Vintage sounds and is a must have for all fans of Benny Greb’s drumming and sound and for fans of musical cymbals in general.

Set consists of: 14" Vintage HiHat, 18" Vintage Thin Crash, 20" Vintage Ride HiHat: modern, transparent sound; clear, crisp and articulate

Crash: dark sounding cymbal with a short sustain; trashy crash sound with a modern white-noise character

Ride: the sandblasted top combined with the partially lathed bottom produce an outstanding dry and fast stick sound with a very quick decay; the bell has a clear, bright and articulate voice

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