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MEINL Doumbeks come from the same geographical points of origin as the darbukas, and are a favourite choice of drum for percussionists world-wide. Our doumbeks feature an ergonomic, Egyptian-style rounded rim with internal tuning lugs and a synthetic head. The bearing edge is carefully machined to assure consistent tuning.

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Aliminium - Hand Hammered
The aluminum shell of this MEINL Doumbek is completely hand-hammered for a most appealing look. ..
Aluminium - Black - Vinyl Covered
Hand made entirely of aluminum, the MEINL Doumbek is outstanding in sound and quality, reaching from..
Aluminium - Hand Engraved
Meinl Percussion
This aluminum doumbek comes in a ornamental hand graving and produces snappy mid east sounds.Hand en..
Aluminium - Wood Covered
The shell of this MEINL Doumbek is made from aluminum and is completely covered with a layer of the ..
Copper Doumbek - Hand Engraved
The copper shell of this MEINL Doumbek is hand engraved for stunning look. A very traditionally look..
Wood Doumbek - Large
The MEINL Wood Doumbeks are great sounding, light weight wooden doumbeks with decorative tribal carv..
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