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Acoustic Trio Air

Brand: Mi-Si Electronics
Availability: In Stock
Guitars and ukuleles with a strap button can be easily amplified with Mi-Si Air, the new amplification system based on MEMS microphone technology. Involving neither undersaddle nor soundboard transducers, there are no holes, glue, saddle preparation, balance problems, or piezo distortions. And like the rest of Mi-Si’s product line, it’s battery free, with up to 14 hours of play time after charging it for only 60 seconds. Also new is the Mi-Si Acoustic Trio Air, a winning combination of the venerable Acoustic Trio undersaddle pickup system and the Mi-Si Air. The signals from the undersaddle transducer and internal microphone are mixed and controlled by soundhole-mounted pan and volume potentiometers, providing an exceptionally strong, feedback-free sound, capturing natural vibrations of body and the air of the instrument. Light and simple due to battery-free technology and Mi-Si’s industry-leading minimalistic design, it delivers eight hours of playing time with 60-second charge.

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