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Hand Percussion

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A-Go-Go Bell
The NINO® A-Go-Go Bell is perfectly sized for children. It is handmade from high quality steel and p..
Nino Percussion
The NINO® Glockenspiel is a compact, child-friendly instrument that is great for learning the musica..
Claves are an essential instrument in Latin music and shouldn’t be missing from any percussion set u..
Mini Güiro
Nino Percussion
The NINO® Mini Güiros are made from high quality material. The sound is achieved by scratching the d..
Plastic Egg Maracas
Nino Percussion
The NINO® Egg Maracas are made from a special plastic material. They have a very clear and pronounce..
Racket Tambourine
The NINO® Racket Tambourine features a sturdy rattan frame along with a nice sparkling sound. It is ..
Rawhide Maracas
Nino Percussion
NINO® Rawhide Maracas are entirely handmade and have a warm and mellow sound.SizeSmallMaterialNatura..
Wood Frog Güiros
The NINO® Wood Frog Güiros have gained an enormous popularity over the last few years. Children espe..
Wood Güiro
Nino Percussion
The güiro is an instrument which plays a very important part in any percussion set up. Striking the ..
Wood Güiro Shaker
The NINO® Wood Güiro Shaker is equipped with a filling and combines a shaker as well as a güiro soun..
Nino Percussion
The eight wooden tongues produce different pitches when they are struck separately, like playing a x..
Yellow Plastic Maracas
Nino Percussion
The NINO® Plastic Maracas are known for their stability, versatility, and strong, projecting sound.M..
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