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Guitar Slides and Steels

While in use, the brass slide is a hefty, no-compromise tool that features unsurpassed tone and control.

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GS Guitar Steel
Shubb Capos
The GS Steel represents the most significant step yet in the evolution of the guitar steel.The stain..
Reversible Guitar Slide
This slide represents the patented solution of an old problem. How do I combine the slide game with..
Steel Bar #1
Shubb Capos
The original Shubb-Pearse Steel designed by John Pearse is favored by many 8-string lap steel and H..
Steel Bar #2
Shubb Capos
It’s design suggested by Peter Grant, the extra mass (for tone) and double cutaway (for control) mak..
Steel Bar #3
Shubb Capos
Designed by Sally Van Meter for playing bluegrass, or any of today’s demanding slide guitar styles. ..
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