Susato Oriole Set: B Flat, C, D and E Flat

Susato Oriole Set: B Flat, C, D and E Flat

Brand: Susato Whistles
Product Code: SUSOSET6A
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The Oriole model is Susato’s most affordable pennywhistle.

This Susato Oriole Pennywhistle Set includes one head piece that fits each of the whistle four bodies, which are in the keys of B Flat, C, D and E Flat. A very economical way to have four whistles to play. 

All Susato Oriole whistles:

  • Have separate head and body sections for easy fine-tuning. 
  • Are made of ABS plastic which is highly durable, impervious to moisture, and does not conduct heat as rapidly as metal. The plastic maintains a more stable pitch with temperature changes.
  • Have a curved windway.
  • Have a cylindrical bore.

The purchase price includes:

  • One head piece plus four whistle bodies. The head piece fits each of the bodies.
  • A vinyl carrying case for the whistle set.
  • A fingering chart.
  • Four removable thumb rests, for secure, comfortable holding and playing. One thumbrest for each whistle body.
  • One wooden stand which fits each whistle in place.

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